Wichita, KS engagement photographer – Miriah & Zac

Miriah & Zac are getting married!!!

We were so lucky to have perfect weather for their engagement session! Who would have thought it would be so nice in January!?! Miriah and Zac are such a cute couple! They are so sweet and I can not wait for their amazing March wedding!!

Congrats you two! Here are some of my fav’s from their session! You can view their full gallery HERE.


21 thoughts on “Wichita, KS engagement photographer – Miriah & Zac

  1. These are the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever laid eyes on! Great job, New Traditions and best wishes to my sister and the love of her life! I love you both. (:

  2. Miriah and Zac, I could not be happier for you two. I’m so glad that my best friend Miriah has found the man of her dreams in you Zac. I know that you guys will have a long, happy, healthy life together. I can’t wait to watch you guys get married and start the next chapter of your life. I love you both. God’s blessings on your marriage. 🙂

  3. I’d like to think that I have a little to do with your two getting together but with that being said. I wish you both all the best and a very happy life =)

  4. Great job on the pictures, New Traditions! Miriah, you & Zac look great together. Very happy for you, Miriah. Blessings to you both & your future together.:)

  5. Wow! You guys look great! My favorite is the 1 with you guys sitting in front of the red door holding hands. I’m so happy for you two. Can’t wait until March!

  6. AWW!! my lil sister ( only by 18 mos) is getting married! i love you so much! im happy you found some1 who will treat you the way u deserve and love you how every woman should be loved. You two are PERFECT for one another. I cannot wait til March 24th. Im be balling my eyes out. Youre the best sister anyone could ask for and as for Zac, we are happy to welcome you into our CRAZY family. I love you both.. 😀

  7. Miraih & Zac what a wonderful looking couple!!!
    Congratulations I love you both.
    May God bless you both.
    Love you,

  8. Beautiful pictures for a special couple! May God’s blessings and peace reign in your life and may the love and joy of Christ Jesus live in your hearts forever. <

  9. Miraih & Zach, Congratulations!! Wishing you both all the Best.
    Great pictures. You both look so Happy.

    Jackie Thompson

  10. Wow, such great pictures!! Will definitely want some of them to put with all our picture collections of the family. It looks like you had a lot of fun when you had them done!! Love them!!!

  11. Aww Miriah!! These pictures turned out amazing! You guys are such a cute couple, and I effin love your ring! 🙂 Also, I loved meeting Zac. He’s a great guy, and I wish we lived closer to Kansas so we could all hang out. I can’t wait for your wedding!

  12. For you Miriah I shall post a comment! I really love the pictures though!! (: Oh and by the way you guys look great together!

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